Water leaks or a bathroom makeover... Call the Mastic Man!Property News | Water leaks or a bathroom makeover... Call the Mastic Man!

Mon 28 February 2022

Property News | Water leaks or a bathroom makeover... Call the Mastic Man!

Ignore dodgy sealing at your peril! Call the Costa Blanca Mastic Man!

Persistant water leaks are the stuff of every home owners nightmare. In particular, bathroom leaks are, at first, a nuisance but if ignored, they can cause real problems. Here at Jacaranda Spain, we see this recurring issue with bathrooms when we list houses. It may be evident in the slightly peeling silicone around sinks, baths and showers. If there is black mould or consistant mildew, then you know there has been an issue for a while. There may be a slightly unpleasant lingering smell of damp and water damage. What started as an annoying leak can end up being something quite costly.

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This was an issue close to home recently. After my shower I noticed water on the wrong side of the shower screen. Like most, I ignored it at first but, surprise surprise, it did not fix itself! Scrolling through facebook later that day I saw the solution- The Costa Blanca Mastic Man!

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I made the call and spoke to the Mastic Man himself, aka Michael! It´s hard to believe that this guy not only knows what he´s talking about, but he is really passionate about it. "Homeowners ignore these leaks all the time and eventually get round to it when there is water damage or it looks bad" says Michael. He came out the next day to give an estimate for the work and , as he had the time, I gave him the go ahead to get on with it. He removed all of the old silicone and resealed it. He worked meticulously and  the difference was amazing, the bathroom looked new and fresh. Whats more after a few days I am happy to report, the pesky water leak is no more!

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"People have new bathrooms installed and pay little attention to the essential finishing touches. They will pay thousands for bathroom suites and tiling and then cut corners on the sealing, it´s crazy!" says Michael.

Furthermore, if you are thinking of selling your house, this is a job you should definitely consider. We rarely advise clients to replace bathrooms and kitchens when staging for sale but this is a relatively low budget way to refresh a dated, tired looking bathroom. Cosmetically it really does make a big improvement. What is more, all work is guaranteed for two years.

"We provide all types of mastic services including;
Removal and replacement of silicone to baths and showers, kitchen worktops, floor to skirting, swimming pool surrounds and external windows."

Call Michael or email him costablancamasticman@gmail.com  today for a quote and follow him on facebook  Mastic Man | Facebook .

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