Kerb appeal or Curb appeal?Property News | Kerb appeal or Curb appeal?

Wed 2 February 2022

Property News | Kerb appeal or Curb appeal?

 Kerb Appeal or Curb Appeal?

The Kerb is the raised edge of a footpath. If your house has "Kerb appeal", it has that certain "wow factor" that instantly tells a prospective buyer that your house is worth a closer look.

The verb "to curb"means to hold back or suppress. So, not really what you want your house to do to a prospective buyer!  That said in North America the "curb" is the edge of the sidewalk. That´s clear then!

If you are giving some serious thought to putting your house on the market, you may want to look closer at the first view of your home. How would it look to a prospective buyer?

Kerb appeal is, in our opinion, highly underrated. Your prospective buyer will form an opinion on whether your property is worth the asking price within the first five or ten minutes of the viewing. So, YES, first impressions are everything!

Here at Jacaranda Spain, we try to be honest with our word, to help you attain the optimum value for the property you are selling. Likewise, if you are buying, we want to make sure you are not put off your ideal home by shoddy maintenance. The house may well be beautiful inside, but the neglected paintwork on the windows, the weeds nudging through the odd broken flagstone and the slightly rusty door knob will make the biggest impression. They are trivial things that dont take much fixing, but they do form that vital first impression.

Whether you are looking to sell your house now, or you are just keen to give it a new lease of life, Here are our 7 top tips for creating great kerb appeal:

1- Front door- The entrance to the house must be warm and welcoming. Wooden doors should be freshly varnished or painted and furnishings should be clean and rust free.If the doorway is through a porch or portico entrance, think about creating a seating area or introduce some attractive plants or flowering baskets.

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2- Exterior facade- Some minor re-rendering, re-pointing or painting could make a huge difference. Replace any broken roof tiles or guttering. Small DIY jobs that won´t break the bank but may make all the difference.

3- Windows- Most importantly, make sure they are clean and look well maintained.

4- Pathway- Banish the weeds and hire or borrow a jet washer. This will really clean up the path or driveway and, again, give the impression of a well maintained property.

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5- Garden- It doesn´t have to be stocked with exotic plants and manicured to within an inch of it´s life. It should however, be tidy and attractive. Weeding is essential and a few bags of strategically placed, white gravel can work wonders.

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6- Tidy up- Make sure that bins, garden tools and empty plant pots etc are out of sight.

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7- Repair any broken gates or fences. Well maintained boundaries give an impression of safety and security.

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What if you really want to get the ball rolling but feel a touch overwhelmed by it?

If your house is looking rather tired and run down and you don´t have the time or inclination to give it a makeover, you could call in the experts. Panda Cleans, is a family run business, based in Orba, who are fast gaining a reputation for hard work and stunning results. A company such as this, will have all the equipment needed to wash away stubborn stains and return your property to it´s former glory.

Take a look at their facebook page and call for some advice and a quote.

Give your home a new lease of life and unveil it´s inner "wow factor"!





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