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Thu 9 December 2021

Local News | A Moroccan feast in Denia

A taste of Morocco right here in the Marina Alta.

The Moors, from North Africa, invaded Spain in 711 AD and stayed for centuries thereafter. Known as the "Reconquista", this was a time of battles and strong resistance from the European Christians. Eventually the Moors were expelled by the Christians, but not until 1492 and, it is fair to say that they left a lasting impression on Spain.

There are Moorish influences in every walk of life here in Spain. Architecture, education, agriculture and cuisine.

Moroccan food is a favourite for all of the team here at Jacaranda Spain. We love to try food from all over the world and we are even happier to share our experiences with our friends. So when we were recommended a Moroccan restaurant in Denia, we booked a table and arranged to meet friends, who live in Denia, to judge for ourselves.

The Reina Mora (The Moorish Queen) is a newly established restaurant which is fast earning a reputation for excellent, authentic Morrocan food.

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The Reina Mora is a five minute walk from the Marqués de Campo, which is the hub of this lively coastal town. It is a family run business and the sisters who run the business and work together are utterly charming. They take a real pride in the food, the presentation and the decor. The interior of the restaurant is designed to make you feel like you are sleeping under the stars in a Bedouin camp. From the beautifully decorated arches to the hand painted wall murals and coloured glass light fittings.


Our hosts for the evening were Fatima and Khadija. If you know next to nothing about Morrocan food these girls are more than happy to educate you, and always with a big smile!

We started with some traditional Moroccan salads including Meknes and Fes which were dressed with a typical vinaigrette. The beetroot hummus and traditional Morrocan Milwi (flatbread) were delicious and we tried the Harira soup which is lamb, vegetables and coriander.


Then came beef tagine and lamb tagine. These are cooked in an oven with plums, apricots, sesame seeds and almonds. We also ordered Cous-Cous Marrakech which is chicken with sultanas and vegetables. All absolutely delicious and perfect comfort food to warm us up on an unseasonably cold, windy evening.


Although we probably should have quit while we were ahead, we wanted to try some traditional Moroccan desserts. We shared the Baklava cheesecake and the yoghurt with fruit. The cheesecake is worth visiting Reina Mora for on it´s own, the fork fight that ensued was brutal! All desserts are homemade and the next visit will involve saving space for one of each of the desserts!


This is a gorgeous little eatery in every way. Go for the authentic taste of Morroco, go for the lovely ambience, go for the happy hospitality... but most of all... go for the cheesecake!


Follow the Reina Mora on facebook and watch out for the dinner and show nights with traditional belly dancers.

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