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Mon 8 November 2021

Local News | Café, Coffee, Kaffe, Koffie.

Café Coffee Kaffe Koffie

Its November here, in the Jalon Valley. The vineyards have been harvested and the lush green has given way to rich, autumnal browns and oranges. It is a glorious morning and promises to be a warm, sunny day. I set off on my morning walk these days with a scarf and gloves and several layers. By the time I reach the half way point, I start to shed the layers, as my faithful four legged friend and I head back towards the central plaza in our beautiful village of Llíber, in the Marina Alta, Costa Blanca. Hector knows the final destination could end up with a small corner of my  "tostada" (half a baguette toasted).

At this time of year we seek out the table in the sunny spot and Hector stretches out at my feet to recover from his rabbit chasing (he never actually catches them but he never gives up!). The table next to ours is a table of walkers from the UK debating on the subject of coffee and how to order what they want. It is relatively straightforward in comparison to Starbucks, but if you are a Spanish coffee virgin, this is a guide for first timers.

Café con leche- This is one of the most popular ways to drink coffee. It is half coffee, half milk and it is the morning favourite. The milk is heated by the machine giving a piping hot drink.

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Café cortado- Cortado means cut, so its a short drink. Same measure of coffee but a small shot of hot milk. So, still hot, but stronger. This drink, usually served in a small glass, is popular after meals and in the afternoon.

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Café solo- Equivalent to an Italian Espresso. So, a single or double shot of coffee. A wake up call!

Café Americano- This is a café solo with more water added, a plain black coffee.

Café Bombon- Served in a small cortado glass, this is a short black coffee with condensed milk. The sweet milk sinks to the bottom and gives it a distinctive layered appearance. Its up to you to mix it up, you won´t need sugar!

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Café Carajillo- A café solo with alcohol. Popular on cold winter mornings. You must specify if you want brandy, whiskey or rum.

Café Manchado- This is a very milky drink with a very small shot of coffee.

Café Con Hielo/ del Tiempo- (  Literally translates as Coffee with Ice/ for the weather ) Any of the above coffees, accompanied by a glass with an ice cube. Prepare your drink as normal and pour it over the ice. A great way to enjoy coffee in the summer time.

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Here at Jacaranda Spain we are often asked about walking routes, in and around the Villages and mountains of the valleys. It is a favourite activity for everyone lucky enough to live here. It is also true that drinking coffee is one of our greatest pleasures. Not just the coffee of course. When we plan our routes, we also plan our coffee stops. The beautiful weather, the gorgeous village plazas, the wonderful Spanish coffee....

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If you are seriously thinking about a Spanish lifestyle and how to realise your dreams, contact us for any help and advice. Or better still come in and have a chat... and a "Café con Leche" por favor!

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