Looking for a home with a sleek and modern interior? Do-It-Yourself!Property News | Looking for a home with a sleek and modern interior? Do-It-Yourself!

Wed 22 September 2021

Property News | Looking for a home with a sleek and modern interior? Do-It-Yourself!

Looking for a home with a sleek, modern interior? Do-It-Yourself!

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Here at Jacaranda Spain, we are proud of our diverse portfolio. We like to think we have something for everyone. We have noticed a shift in what todays buyer is looking for these days. Holiday villas are not what they used to be.

The "second homes" of the past have largely become "forever homes". While, foreign buyers continue to look for holiday bolt holes, a large number of our clients are looking to relocate permanently to sunnier climes. The villas in urbanisations and developments are being reformed with better insulation and heating systems and, more and more home owners, are adding solar energy to combat rising energy tariffs. These changes make a property a better investment for the long term, as a permanent family home.

At Jacaranda Spain, we often ask a buyer to "think outside the box", and be open to properties that need some work. Not everyone has the vision to see past old, outdated decor and furnishings but if you have, you can find a hidden treasure. Looking at property slightly under your budget will give you the means to transform a house and make it your own.

The design and build of your reform largely depends on; 

Type and location of property- A stone finca lends itself more to rustic character, whereas, a new build is more marketable if kept minimal and contemporary, in todays market.

Is the property a long term home?- If this is your forever home then you have the luxury of making it your own. However, if you are expecting to sell in the near future, you should be guided by current trends and neutrality. You may feel plain white walls are bland and boring but they give a feeling of space and light, as well as offering a blank canvas to the eye of a prospective buyer.

Your budget- Even a few thousand euros can give a new lease of life to tired, dated decor.

More and more of our buyers are looking for modern and minimal interiors. We are introducing more new builds and projects to our portfolio on a weekly basis. The buyer looking for a coastal property with sea views, often also has in mind the stunning "ibiza" style with floor to ceiling windows and an infinity pool. However, if your budget is more modest, you can just as easily go contemporary, by buying a "doer- upper". A lot of inland properties are dated and in need of a facelift, and a contemporary design and decor can be done on a budget. Whatsmore, this style of interior design is highly desirable for resale.


Our advice would be:

Step outside your comfort zone-  Look at properties that are, perhaps, being overlooked. Just because they don´t have instant appeal, does not mean they should be written off. If they have been overlooked, it could be that the owner will be more flexible when considering offers.

Find your inner vision- Look closer and imagine the rooms clutter free, rid of heavy furniture, especially dark wood and the walls and floors a lighter shade to flood the rooms with sunshine.

Calculate your first offer carefully to allow for reform costs-  At Jacaranda Spain, we often take a construction team to our second viewings to advise on approximate costs.

Do your research- Home interior magazines, e.g. livingetc,  and online image sharing and social media services, e.g. pinterest, can provide inspiration with regard to colours, furniture, tiles etc. Look at the exclusive, luxury interiors and then shop for a cheaper alternative to suit your budget. Here in the Marina Alta, there are some excellent building material and hardware stores, e.g. MarOrba. Here you will find that most of the assistants speak English and are happy to spend time helping you to find what you want, to suit your wallet.

Get lots of advice from your friendly real estate agent- Call us for a chat. We will use our experience in todays market to guide you in the right direction. We only recommend builders, electricians, plumbers etc who are tried and tested. We will give you honest answers to all your questions. Even if we don´t have the property for you on our books, we know who has!

Lastly- your dream property is out there but it may need you to unveil it !

If you are fortunate enough to have a bigger budget, take a look at some of our new build properties. Prices starting at 500,000 euros up to 3M euros.


Large family villa for sale with sea views near the beautiful town of Benitachell. This new villa is under construction using the best materials with open views to the sea and a unique design.




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