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Wed 17 February 2021

Local News | Yoga your way to good health and happiness

Yoga your way to good health and happiness.

In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, many of us have had pause to consider whether we can improve our lifestyle to promote good health. Good diet and exercise can boost the immune system and help the body fight off the virus. 

The measures put in place during the pandemic have had far reaching effects on our physical  and mental health. Here in the beautiful Jalon and Orba valleys, inland Costa Blanca, we count ourselves lucky. If you have to be in lockdown, there really isn´t anywhere you would rather be. However, the challenges are the same the world over. We have all had to come up with ways to keep ourselves fit physically so that our mental health does not suffer.

The health benefits of yoga are well documented. Whether you are young or old, it is a fantastic discipline for the mind, body and soul.

Holly Bishop is a yoga instructor who recently relocated to the beautiful Spanish pueblo of Llíber. She instructs and offers wellness programmes at her home, a stunning country villa in the Valley, surrounded by nature, peace and tranquility. 

" Taking up a yoga practice allows you the much needed time to unplug, to disconnect from our busy lives and become present, in other words focusing on the here and now."

Holly Bishop Yoga

7 Health benefits of yoga-

1. Improves flexibility, strength and balance.

2. Improves mental and physical energy, for a more positive outlook on the challenges we face on a daily basis.

3. Helps to manage stress and anxiety.

4. Aids heart health- it is known to benefit blood pressure and inflammation.

5. Eases the symptoms of arthritis.

6. Improves body posture which, in turn, relieves back pain.

7. Aids sleep patterns and insomnia.

Furthermore, if the pandemic and the lockdown measures have left you feeling isolated, yoga classes could ease loneliness and offer group healing and support.

Holly instructs people from all walks of life, many with sports injuries and serious health issues. During the lockdown she has continued her classes via the internet and her clients have continued when they needed it most. She looks forward to giving her classes in the grounds of her beautiful home again soon. Holly also likes to pack up her yoga mat and meet her clients at one of the stunning blue flag beaches we are so close to. With the Mediterranean Ocean as a backdrop, your "inner peace and mental clarity" are only a few deep breathing exercises away! 

"Anybody can take up yoga, regardless of their fitness level, age or size and everything can be adapted to suit your needs or preferences. Yoga is empowering. It connects mind, body and soul and, for many, it is life changing!"

Contact Holly now for a chat about creating your own personalised yoga plan.  Holly Bishop Yoga


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