6 top tips for staging your house to sell fastProperty News | 6 top tips for staging your house to sell fast

Wed 27 January 2021

Property News | 6 top tips for staging your house to sell fast

6 Top Tips to stage your house to sell fast

Here at Jacaranda Spain, we make it our business to help you optimise your chances of selling your property as quickly and painlessly as possible. Here are our 6 top tips for "staging" your house to show to prospective buyers.

1. FRONT DOOR- 1st impressions are everything! Make sure the approach and entrance are clear of obstacles and as warm and welcoming as you can make it. Jet wash the driveway, paint the front door, add some flowering pots... etc. It is the first thing the buyer sees so give it some "wow factor".

2. MINIMALISE-  Carry on the declutter throughout the house. The buyer needs to be able to visualise the house as THEIR space so you must remove everything that is personal to you and your family. So pack up your much loved trinkets and photos, and store them  carefully away until you have a new home to put them in.

3. TOUCH UP-  Now that you have cleared the decks, a thorough clean and touch up is next. Ask any buyer and they will tell you, one of the biggest turn offs is a dirty property. so, grubby finger prints and scuff marks have to go. Most of these can be scrubbed off with some good cleaning products. If not, a quick lick of paint works wonders and costs very little.

4. BANISH BAD SMELLS- This is also one of the top turn offs. Animal smells, stale cigarette smoke, kitchen grease and damp are all very off putting. It does not matter how nice your house is the buyer will associate it with the smell. It may be that you need to hire a steam cleaner or hire someone to do a deep clean. Masking the smell is not the answer, you need to get to the source.

5. WARM AND COZY-  If you are selling in the summer, open all the windows and maximise fresh air and light. However, if you are selling in Autumn or Winter it is very important to make the house warm and cozy. Stepping in to a warm house is welcoming and will give them a feeling of homeliness.

6. HIRE THE BEST AGENT- Do your research and find a reputable and well established agent. Make sure they have an office! Not some "fly by night" agent working from his car. You need an agent who is trustworthy and honest, someone who always has time to speak to you.

 The team here at Jacaranda Spain are happy to talk to you. So, even if you are thinking of selling and want more information or advice, with no pressure, give us a call.

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