Some Things You Need to Know About Mosquitoes...Local News | Some Things You Need to Know About Mosquitoes...

Mon 20 July 2020

Local News | Some Things You Need to Know About Mosquitoes...

...and Our Best Tips to Keep Them Away

For many people, the Mediterranean outdoor lifestyle is one of the main reasons for moving to the Costa Blanca. Watching the sun go down while sipping a cold drink, al fresco dinners for two and late-night barbecues with friends. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your perfect plans. Here are some things you need to know about those pesky blood-suckers and how to keep them at bay.

This year’s very wet spring followed by high summer temperatures already was the perfect recipe for an explosive growth of mosquitoes. Then the coronavirus lock-down was added to the mix. With gardens left unmaintained and swimming pools turning green, the number of mosquitoes has soared even higher.

heather is a geat plant as an ant-mosquito

Annoying But Not Dangerous

There are two types of mosquitoes on the Costa Blanca: the common Culex and the tiger mosquito. The common one bites you at night, gets into your home and disturbs you in bed. The tiger mosquito mostly stalks you outside during the day. Both types can transmit diseases but fortunately, none of those exist in Spain. Euro Weekly recently reported that people are worried that mosquitoes might transmit the coronavirus. Experts say this is highly unlikely.


Did you know that only female mosquitoes are thirsty for blood? They need the protein to develop eggs. The males prefer to sip flower nectar. And why do some people get bitten more than others? Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide (those who talk and breathe more), sweat and high body temperatures, people who consume alcohol and people with blood type O. So as long as you don’t breathe, talk, sweat, drink or have the wrong blood type, you will be fine! In case you do, we have some tips to keep those mozzies away.

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