5 tips for optimum health throughout the Covid19 pandemicLocal News | 5 tips for optimum health throughout the Covid19 pandemic

Thu 21 January 2021

Local News | 5 tips for optimum health throughout the Covid19 pandemic

5 lifestyle tips for optimum health throughout the Covid 19 pandemic

It is difficult to stay positive these days when the daily news seems to bring us ever worsening statistics for the Covid 19 virus. There seems to be no end in sight as the government here in Spain, and all over the world, introduce new restrictions and measures to try to control the spread of it. The prospect of another lockdown is worrying. It is vital that we do everything we can to stay healthy, so that if you are infected with the virus your body, and its immune system, can fight it off. If you have had the virus you will need to build up your strength and nurse yourself back to good health.

Here at Jacaranda Spain, with our office based in the Jalon Valley, we have been lucky so far. The numbers here in the Marina Alta have been few. However, with Christmas, New Year and KIngs Day just behind us, we have seen a sharp increase and, for many, the bubble has burst. We have put together some tips to give you food for thought and hopefully, help you all to avoid getting Covid 19 and, if you do, to help you fight it.

1. FOLLOW THE RULES- The rules and guidelines for social distancing and the use of Personal Protection Equipment, have been put together by professional medical experts who are heavily invested in your continuing good health, so FOLLOW THE RULES. Washing and sanitizing hands is essential and wearing masks will stop the wearer infecting other people and minimise the risk of them catching it themselves. It is not rocket science! Using common sense and caution can dramatically reduce the risk. Many people feel that they are being patronised with these constant,"in your face" reminders about personal care and hygeine but we all see people everyday, either intentionally or, more often than not, unintentionally, breaking the rules. The more you remind people, the more it will become the "new normal".

2. 5 A DAY- Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for a healthy immune system. It is so easy to form bad eating habits during times of strife. So, fill your trolley with fresh produce and ditch the junk. If you are limiting your shopping to once a week, or even once a fortnight, frozen fruit and vegetables are an excellent substitute. Sometimes they are cheaper than the fresh alternative (frozen blueberries are much cheaper than fresh and they keep for months in the freezer) and they are, mostly, just as nutritious. 

3. KEEP ACTIVE- Our homes are normally the place we rest and relax, but these are extraordinary times so we need to adjust to keep ourselves active and fit.  If you are working from home make sure you have a routine. The worst bad habit to develop is getting up late every day. Try to stop working every few hours and do something active. A 20 minute walk is a great way of getting some exercise and fresh air at the same time, but make it a power walk rather than a stroll. Get your heart rate up and, even better, break a sweat. The winter sunshine here, in the Marina Alta, is not to be taken for granted. It has amazing healing properties and a plentiful supply of vitamin D.

4. STAY IN TOUCH- Although our freedom of movement is compromised, we are fortunate these days to have ways to keep connected with our friends and families. It is vital to touch base with family members every day, especially the elderly. Your home can become a prison otherwise, and people can become less in touch with every day life and then find it more difficult to resume normal social activities when the virus is under control.

5. A HEALTHY MIND- Although it is last on the list, it is THE most important thing to consider. There are already reports of the psychological effects that the Covid 19 virus, and its consequences, have had on people of all ages. The effect on children has been well documented and rightly so. With the closure of schools, sports centres and parks, kids have nowhere to go to mix with other kids to learn social skills. The elderly, most of whom are not tech savvy, are cut off and isolated from society and, more importantly, their families. The rest of us have financial worries and the kids and older family members to worry about. If you are struggling, TELL SOMEONE. Be alert with your nearest and dearest, they may just need someone to talk to.

Wherever you live you can help yourself to stay healthy and happy, with a certain amount of self discipline and positivity. If you are lucky enough to live in the valleys and mountains of the Marina Alta, you have wonderful country walks, fresh, unpolluted air and winter sunshine almost every day. At Jacaranda Spain we promote this lifestyle unashamedly!

Imagine a world where a world pandemic is a once yearly occurence?  Where would you choose to live?

Take a look at our website, go to    https://www.jacarandaspain.com/  and sew the seed for a new life!





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