The Joy of the grape harvestSpain News | The Joy of the grape harvest

Mon 7 September 2020

Spain News | The Joy of the grape harvest

The Joy of the grape harvest.

The Valle de Pop or Jalon Valley is known and loved for its beauty, peace and tranquility. But this week something has disrupted our quiet pace of life.
Our Sunday morning walk among the vineyards was disturbed by heavy traffic and happy workers chattering. However, ask around and you will not hear a single objection. It is the culmination of a year's work for the farmers. They have tended the vineyards vigilantly and this year's crop, by all accounts, is a bumper one. The vines are absolutely bursting with sweet grapes.
The pickers are drafted in, not from migrant workers, but from the farmers families, friends and neighbours. Everyone pitches in and they do it with pleasure. They start early, our walk with the dog starts at 7am, and the work in the vineyards is already well underway. 
The plazas are full by 9.30 of mass family gatherings for breakfast. Jugs of cold beer and enormous bocadillos filled with tortilla (spanish omelette), jamon (serrano ham), queso (local cheese), pork fillet, tuna, sausages... There is a fantastic sense of community and it is wonderful just to say "bon día" and wish them luck. Within the hour they will be refreshed and back to work.
There is a real, organic spirit of giving thanks and celebrating life. The simple pleasure of seeing, literally, the fruits of their labour. So if you pass a tractor on its way to drop off a heavy load of grapes, give him a clap and a call of "Olé"! You will be rewarded with a tired, but broad, smile. We are indeed, blessed to live in this beautiful part of the world. 

It is great to hear and see some of our new owners also embracing the Spanish way of life and to see them our in the fields helping the local farmers you know they made the right decision to move to this part of the Costa Blanca.

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