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Tue 17 May 2016

Property News | Sell my house for more money

Sell my house for more money.

May 17, 2016

Make your house a blank canvas and achieve your asking price

There are a number of things when selling your home that are completely out of your control.  The market conditions, location, and to a certain extent, the price bracket your property is in. There is, however, one condition you can control and that is how you home looks and feels inside and out. To achieve the best price for your property, you can make changes that cost very little but can have a dramatic effect on the first impression it creates.

In this post I want to explore the reasons and benefits around why it is really worth spending some time on your home before you show prospective buyers around and what good a “de-clutter” can really achieve.

Why do I need to spend time and effort on my house before I move you may ask?

We list many properties and as property agents we look forward to presenting to clients a property that looks and feels good.

As a property agent I have seen first hand how, with small changes to the layout of a property, a new coat of paint, a de-clutter etc, can make a dramatic difference to its “sale-ability”. Yet we find some people are reluctant to spend any time or energy on the home they want to leave behind.

Its the psychology behind it. The nicknack’s and photographs that are very precious to you, simply look like “clutter” to a potential buyer. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

The good news is that you can change the look of your home for FREE

Can “de-cluttering” really make a difference to my home?

Future buyers have said “they can see past clutter”  I can tell you they can´t! 

They will comment about a house that is cluttered to us, the agent, and say things like “…there’s not much space, I wouldn’t have room for my…..”  They will then go into another property that is free of clutter and say” This is beautiful, I can see this house has been well maintained…”  The frustration for the agent is that sometimes they will pass on a property that he knows is perfect for them.

The buyer is often relocating to Spain and the property they are buying is smaller than the one they are leaving behind. As the seller you must maximise the space in your rooms to help the buyer visualise where they would put their treasured possessions. If not they will feel the space is not right for them

Why should I de-clutter before I sell my home?

Here are a few good reasons why:

1. You, the seller, will feel emotionally ready to move out.

By removing all of your own emotional ties to your home you will prepare yourself to move out. Plan ahead of time and sort out what will move with you. This way, you are focused on moving on.  It becomes less a home and more of a temporary stop gap before you move on to the next exciting adventure

2. You will be more prepared.

De-cluttering for a sale means that you will probably pack away items that you can do without until you are in your new home.  If you start the process of boxing or packing early on you will feel less stressed because there will be less to do once a buyer is found

3. You can focus your buyers on what’s important

It doesn´t matter if your property is 100m2 or 400m2, it can be cluttered. By de-cluttering you allow the buyer  an immediate impression of space, light and flow. They will notice nice pieces of furniture, a hanging picture, a tidy tool room, a garden that is well kept etc.  If you have filled your home with your own journey and your personal story then there is very little room left for the buyers and they cannot see past it. Its a fact!

4. You can maximise the space you have in your home

When you de-clutter, you can “see the wood for the trees”  Buyers are going to view more than one house and they are also trying to understand the market and the range of prices for more or less the same type of homes. Buyers need to see the space they are getting to see how good value it is!

You are not just selling them a house you are selling them a lifestyle and a dream.

Stop looking at your property as your home and look at it through the eyes of someone who wants to start a new life. You may consider it bland and uninteresting but that, in itself, is the blank canvas that people need, to see themselves living in a house like yours.

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