December sunshine in the Jalon ValleyLocal News | December sunshine in the Jalon Valley

Thu 5 December 2019

Local News | December sunshine in the Jalon Valley

December sunshine in the Jalon and Orba Valley.

December 5, 2019

December in the Jalon Valley is always a real treat. While your long distance friends and family are cranking up the central heating and preparing for snow, you could be enjoying an al fresco lunch in short sleeves.

This does not have to be for 2 weeks only

For a lot of ex pats, this is the best month of the year. Gone are the long hot summer days when you have to hide away after 2pm and if you don’t do your chores before 11am they just don’t get done. The truth is the thermometer can dip as low as freezing in the winter, so mornings and evenings are chilly. But most days, the morning sun warms up by about 10am and the temperature is perfect for a stroll into town for a café con leche in the Plaza Mayor.

dos cafés por favor

A trip to the coastal towns to walk around the many markets, and even a peaceful walk along any one of our blue flag beaches, are some of our favourite pastimes in the autumn and winter months. Its a popular time for cyclists and hikers, our stunning scenery is so much more enjoyable when you’re not melting!

Winter stroll all to yourself

You cannot put too high a price on the value of being able to enjoy the great outdoors all year round. Getting out and in touch with mother nature is priceless, for your physical and mental health. Scientific research has shown that the benefits of being at one with nature has untold benefits, and that applies, even if you’re not up to long distance walking or cycling. Even a 20 walk every day can dramatically improve your health.

So, wrap up warm and go out and feast your eyes on the vineyards touched with morning frost, followed by cafe y tostada in your local Spanish bar. Or a hike in the mountains followed by paella for lunch at one of the rustic mountain restaurants, with an open fire to warm you weary feet.

Spending the day outside, makes getting home and lighting the fire so much more pleasurable. Here in the Jalon and Orba Valley, we embrace the winter months. Enjoying the seasons for what they bring. Knowing, when we are wrapped up in our cosy, winter duvets at night, that tomorrow the sun will be most likely be shining again.

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