Jacaranda Spain joins the Association of International Property Professionals Property News | Jacaranda Spain joins the Association of International Property Professionals

Tue 29 November 2022

Property News | Jacaranda Spain joins the Association of International Property Professionals

What does membership of the Association of International Property Professionals mean for Jacaranda Spain?

At Jacaranda Spain, we believe we offer a service, to our buyers and sellers, based on honesty and trustworthiness. What our clients need is no nonsense consultation, clear guidance and objective advice.

We support changes and developments to laws and regulations within the real estate industry here in Spain and we would like to see an end to fraudulent practices and unscrupulous agents.

Sadly, here in The North Costa Blanca, as in many other regions in Spain, the history of the real estate industry is marred by corruption and illegal practice. This has resulted in a lack of confidence in those honest agents who follow the letter of the law and work in the interest of the client. It is for this reason that Jacaranda Spain choose to work with the Association of International Property Professionals, the AIPP, to bring confidence back. The sins of the past should be something we learn and adjust from.

About the AIPP (Association of International Property Professionals) –  Grupo Platinum News

Our membership with the AIPP is a strong endorsment, and affirmation, for our clients, that we offer a professional service for buyers and sellers of foreign property.

What is the AIPP?

The "Association of International Property Professionals" was set up in 2006 in London. It was established to improve standards, within the industry, for buyers of foreign property and it has over 380 members in 31 countries. AIPP members include real estate agents, property development companies and lawyers.

The AIPP focuses on five key areas:

  1. "Professional Code: to bring together, under a strict code of conduct, all professional companies in the business of creating and selling foreign property.
  2. Standards: to improve standards of professionalism and accountability in the industry.
  3. Complaints: to receive and deal with complaints about members services including, where appropriate, the passing of such complaints to the independent Property  Ombudsman who may recommend an award of compensation.
  4. Government: to lobby EU & UK authorities & agencies for support and interventions to protect buyers and owners of a foreign property.
  5. Information: to freely offer qualified, balanced information and support to buyers of a foreign property. This is done through a sister organisation, the Alliance of International Property Owners – www.aipo.org.uk." (taken from the AIPP website)


To become a member of AIPP, a company is subject to vetting and trade references. The member then agrees to adhere to a strict code of conduct in general business practice, marketing and legal procedure. The member also commits to a six month compliance training course. This furthers expertise in all aspects of the industry including:

- promoting the importance of business with integrity

- up to date changes in laws and regulations and supporting initiatives to improve business practices

- dispute resolution

- avoiding fraudulent or corrupt practice ie money laundering, terrorist financing, dishonest transfer of funds

Here at Jacaranda Spain, we share the values held by the AIPP and believe in their objectives. We sincerely hope that our membership, with the AIPP, offers validation and further peace of mind to those of our clients who feel daunted by the process of buying property in Spain.

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For more information on the AIPP, check out the website AIPP or give us a call at Jacaranda Spain. We are always happy to help.



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