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Wed 14 April 2021

Local News | Padel- A sport for everyone!

Padel- A sport for everyone and anyone!

Here at Jacaranda Spain, we pride ourselves on offering after sales service. We are selling more than new homes, we like to think we are also selling a happier, healthier lifestyle. Lots of our clients ask for advice on how best to socialise and exercise within our local communities, especially now with the easing of the lockdown and a slow return to normality. Lots of us have gained weight and perhaps lost energy, and confidence, along the way. So, it is time to do something about it!


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Lots of people will join gyms, go running, swimming, hiking across country. There are lots of ways to lose weight and improve your health and appearance. However, for many people these methods just do not work. Most people will go to a gym for a few months and then give up. Well, we have found a way to exercise, improve your health, appearance and socialise at the same time.

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What is Padel?

Invented in 1969 in Acapulco, Mexico, Padel is a sport that is, literally, available to everyone. All you need is a racquet, a ball, a few friends to play with and access to Padel courts. The game has not taken off in the UK or the rest of Europe yet, so most foreign ex pats know very little about it.

From above of padel racket and small colorful balls near fence on sports ground

Its played on a court about a third the size of a tennis court with a net in the middle and glass walls around the court. All you need is a small racquet (flat with holes in it) and a smaller ball. It is easy to play, and even the masters of it will tell you that!  Not so easy to be competetive and top of the league board, but let´s not get ahead of ourselves here! It is mostly played as a doubles game, the scoring is the same as tennis. The ball is served underhand and must bounce (slower than squash) and it can then be played off the glass walls. If you are physically fit it can be a fast, exciting game. Equally, if you are not so fit, the game is slower in pace and just as enjoyable.

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Where can you play?

The really good news is that anyone can play, regardless of age or physical fitness. Most of the towns and villages in the Marina Alta have sports centres (centro deportivo) and most have Padel courts. The cost of membership varies, but it is always reasonable and some, you can just pay as you go. All you need are a few like minded individuals and a spare hour. Do some research and ask about the best times to go, for example, in the summer months early in the morning is best to avoid the heat.

Exercise not only improves your health and makes you look better, it puts a smile on your face!


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