The weather outside is frightful...Local News | The weather outside is frightful...

Fri 8 January 2021

Local News | The weather outside is frightful...

It is that time of year, here in the Jalon and Orba Valley, Costa Blanca. The celebrations are over. Christmas, New Year and the Day of the Kings are behind us and we try to get back to as near normal as we can, during a world pandemic!

However, the Valleys of the Marina Alta are looking decidedly miserable today. The weather in January occasionally reminds us why we want to live in Spain. In other parts of Spain, it is snowing, as a cold front pushes in. Being near the coast means we avoid the worst of it but when it rains, it rains! It is that persisitant rain, that soaks you in minutes and keeps all the locals in their houses. It is expected to last five days. Five days of rain  and grey skies! 

You would be forgiven for thinking we would all be miserable. On the contrary. When it comes, we rejoice in the fact that it gives life to our beautiful valley. The citrus fruits, almonds and olives as well as the vineyards have been waiting patiently for water and now they can drink their fill. From any viewpoint, one can literally see the valleys turn green and lush.

The bars and cafes are normally buzzing with farmers enjoying almuerzo while they enjoy a short rest, given to them by Mother Nature, before the sun returns and they have to prepare for the spring.  The Covid 19 pandemic means that the bars and cafes are notably less busy but there is still an air of positivity here. The vaccination programme is underway and we are told, things will be better by March.

It is almost a luxury, to rest, recuperate and watch the rain from our cozy front rooms. The views are still incredible,  beautiful in a different way, but equally as precious.

We know the earth needs it, we know the farmers celebrate it and we know the sunshine is just around the corner!

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