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Sun 21 January 2018

Spain News | Winter sun in Spain

Winter Sun in Spain

January 21, 2018

Joyful January in the Jalon Valley

January can be a depressing month. Following the festive period it’s back to work and the daily grind!!

Not for us residents here in the Jalon Valley and the Costa Blanca. La Marina Alta

My day begins at 7.30am with a brisk walk for both man and dog. This morning dawn revealed a light frost dusting the vineyards and fruit trees. A privilege indeed to see, I paused a while and enjoyed the view with only my faithful pet for company. At times like these I wish I were an artist with a few hours to spare and an easel and brush. Something else to put on the list of pastimes to take up in retirement!

At times, here in the valley, the thermometer can dip to a chilly -3 first thing in Winter. However it rises quickly when the sun comes up and the afternoon can bring temperatures of 18 degrees or more!! Ask any one here, native or ex-pat, and they will tell you, most of us love the winter months. A time to light cozy fires in the evening but still enjoy glorious sunshine almost every day. At time of writing it is currently 24º.

The winter months are short and punctuated still by wonderful sights like the orange orchards bursting with mandarins and oranges and then in a few weeks the glorious almond blossom! Spring is very reliable and it won’t be long until the days get longer and my morning walk gets earlier. It is a way of life.

It seems a lifetime ago since living in Blighty meant we dreaded the winter, it’s grey days and below freezing temperatures seemed to stretch on forever! Living here means we actually look forward to the changing of the seasons and embrace each one as it comes.

The only thing giving me some trouble at the minute….what to do this weekend? Hop in the car for a trip up to Teruel and a few hours skiing?  Go skiing in Valencia

Or a Sunday morning beach walk with the dog followed by paella in our favourite restaurant Ca Pinet, up the mountain in Tarbena? Mmmm …decisions, decisions!!!!  A great place to eat


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